I’m here! Are you here?! This is exciting!

29 Jun

I’m not saying I couldn’t go out right now and pick up some poor soul with a flirty smile and come to bed eyes, it’s not the point.

Having been treated like shit for all I can take, I am now on the unconventional quest to find a man.

Things I am going to try;

1) Speed Dating
2) Internet Dating
3) Singles/Ex party
4) Being utterly forward with men in Tescos (or other shops/public places) until it’s touch and go that I could be arrested
5) Taking up a night class
6) Acquiring a different hobby which requires socialisation

I’ve had some god awful dating experiences and quite frankly, I know they ain’t going to get much better.

I think the easiest thing for me to do is internet dating to start off with. So, for your enjoyment, I am off to shred my dignity and put myself on several websites with a profile which brags about how good I am at nothing and everything and has some very carefully taken self-posed photographs.

Feels good to be home!

Kiks xoxo


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