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Bridesmaids (and how I will never be a bride…)

30 Jun

I just came back from seeing Bridesmaids after being told by pretty much everyone with lady parts that I had to. I was mainly intrigued because the Daily Mail deemed it highly offensive (women being funny isn’t cool.) which is not true, it’s nowhere near as gross as Hangover 2. Double standards? Of course.

The thing is, I went into the movie thinking I was going to love it after all the controversy I read but I just never. Sure, it was funny, I giggled out loud plenty of times but, on the whole, I found the pace quite slow and my mind wandered a few times. It was a bit all or nothing. It either had me laughing uncontrollably or so bored I started guessing what date the couple next to me were on. First by the way. And she had GAME, she was playing him like Super Mario with a walkthrough guide.

The lead character met her love interest, a cop, by getting pulled over for her tail lights being out. They end up together!

Naturally I am now thinking of breaking my expensive car. This is why I will ever be a bride. Imagine explaining that to the husband to be…

“So, I, er…when we met. I’d smashed my tail lights deliberately so I would get pulled over, hopefully by a man, and we’d end up together forever. What? What do you mean you feel used? Don’t go, I can’t afford to do it again. Tail lights are expensive to fix.”

I imagine it would go down like that.

Kiks xoxo